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Explosion proof equipment

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Explosion proof equipment Flameless explosion relief device

Since sever aluminun dust explosion incident occurrde at Jiangsu Kunshan Zhongrong Metallic Producs Co.,Ltd in August 2rd 2014,China was conisistently developing dust explosin resistanc and treatment. Most stalic dust paint are combustible dust,its explosiion limit is at about 70g/m³.State standards closely relating with explosion resistance of static dust paint are listed as follows:

1. GB15577-2018 Safety regulatiions for dust explosiion resistance;

2. AQ4273-2016 Regulations for safety technology about dust removal system useb at dangerous plce of potential dust explosion;

3. GB50058-2014 Design Standards about electrical facilities ofr optential explosion environment;

4. GB G15607-2008 Safety ofr painting tehniques techniques about dust static painting.


Conisdering different understanding of standar issued by all-level local government to safety and supervision divisions, so explosion resistance requirement ofr equipment are also different. It is very important to get prior approval of program by local safety and supervision divsion.

About paiting equiment of static dust, it is crucial for us to keep up equipment at good operation and clean site and stirct site management before preventing from dust explosion. Joihey Company would like to provide reference advice as follows according to long-term experience:

1. Keep up equipment at good dust recycle, put ent to overflow for dust from painting house. Overflow for dust from painting house and high-dense dust at partitiion painting house are always severe potential hazard for dust explosion.

2. To keep up good grounding for equipment. Regularly check if equipment is at atatic grounding and prevent fron accumulating static, regularly clean up hanging tools for painting, prevent shock because of bad grounding of work pieces.

3. Scheme up strict site environmental clean up system, clean up peripheral painting house omce per 2hrs or so to keep painting house clean and free from accunulating any dust. Accumulation for powder material on site must not be over demand one at that shift.

4. Class ll dust removal filter must be cleaned up for each shift.





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