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SFB The Magic Change Color Booth

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SFB the magic change color booth



1. Sandwiched coating booth body and baseplate are constructed with anti-satic imported engineering plastic to ensure a higher rate of powder coating, the least powder retention and the fastest cleanting speed of coating booth;

2. Big cyclone spraration technology with 98% single separation arte to save the powder;

3. The bottom fo coating booth comes with an automatic plate turnover device or automatic cleaning air knife, and almost without powder retention;

4. The powder center can realize ht automatic circulation of the powder, When the coating booth is cleaned, the powder center will automatically clean up the powder suctiion tube, powder pump,powder tube and spray gun;

5. An automatic adding device for the new powder can be configured;

6. Powder center adopts a powder saving design to reduce the powder wasted from fluidizde-bed coating to a minimum;

7. May be configured with an automatic cleaning device of spray gun body;

8. Adopt a nano-coated cartridge wiht high quality and long life, thus the cartirdge life can bu up tu several years;

9. Nano-coated cartridge can capture the dust of more than 0.1 micron, and does not waste a little bit of powder, while the filtered gas becomes clean air and can be circulated directly in the plant;

10. A variety of bottom recycling methods may be chosen, and suitable for all types types of workpieces.


Characteristics of hand spraying on open platform:

1. Hand spray personnel can make hand spray operatioin at close range to ensure the coating quality;

2. Be particularly suitable for coating of some complex workieces;

3. Hand spray personnel are not affected by powder pollution in the coating booth, and the environment is comfortable;

4. Hand spray platform has good lighting conditions, and can  use external lighting;.

5. Spray as close as possible to the hand nozzle.


Unique features of Jolhey fast color changing spray room:

1. Corner car design inside the booth,more convenient for clean;

2. The bottom plate has a 15 degree inclination angle, which can effectively prevent the powder from rising during air knife cleaning, and at the same time clean it more cleanly;

3. Automatic plate can open the clean up ;

4. Can choose a variey of powder center and powder conveying recovery methods;

5. Can design an embedded manual spray.


SFB the magic change color booth




SFB the magic change color booth

SFB the magic change color booth

SFB the magic change color booth

Independent filter bag recycling system connected by pipeline

Internal manual repair spraying filter element single stage recovery sandwich spray room

Bottom pulsed air cleaning

SFB the magic change color booth

SFB the magic change color booth


Panoramic view of sandwich spray room with single stage recovery of filter element of open hand spraying platform

The color change package is clamped automatically by air cylinder






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