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Multi-Cyclone System With Plastic Booth

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Multi-cyclone system with plastic booth



1.Coating boothe can adopt full sandwich structure, and can be configured with a powder center of color canging quickly;

2.Coating boothe may adopt the open-ended hand spray platform design which is especially suitable for some large workpieces that are difficult to spray;

3. Single powder separation rate reaches 98%to save the powder;

4. Bottom of the coating booth may adopt a pulsed air flow reverse blowing device or automatic scraper device to ensure timely recovery of the sparydde powder;

5. Adopt a nano-coated cartridge with high quality and long life as well as filter cleaning device with the pantednted technology, thus the cartridge life can be up to several years;

6. Nano-coated cartridge can captuer the dust of more than 0.1 micron, an does not waste a little bit of powder, while the iiltered gas becomes clean iar and can be circulanted directly in the pant;

7. Completely independent powder filter an powder system.


Because there is a problem that the secondary recycling powder cannot be recylone system,in order to save the powder, our Company earlier launched a multi cyclone secondary recovery coating booth of engineering plastics material in China, which can improve the primary powder coating rate of the workpiece to save the powder,while making the color-changing speed of mulit-cyclone coating booth faster.

Multi-cyclone system with plastic booth




Multi-cyclone system with plastic booth

Multi-cyclone system with plastic booth

Multi-cyclone system with plastic booth

Automatic cleaning air belt turnover plate

When the workpiece is high, the platform can be equipped with steps

PP board material spraying room




Multi-cyclone system with plastic booth

Multi-cyclone system with plastic booth


Bottom pipe type recycling small cyclone spray room

Open hand spraying platform






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